Convenor: Abigail Rymer (USA)
Co-Convenor: Joachim Saur (Germany)

Outer planet magnetospheres provide an excellent laboratory to probe an important sub-class of magnetospheric concepts as they provide unique elements such as internal plasma sources (active moons) and plasma dynamics (rapid rotation). They provide a unique class to be compared with Earth’s magnetosphere and those in other solar systems.  In 2017 the Cassini spacecraft completes its tour of Saturn while the Juno spacecraft makes simulataneous measurements at Jupiter. We have now had orbiters at both Jupiter and Saturn as well as flybys of all the outer planets and increasingly detailed remote observations from ground-based and Earth orbiting telescopes.

This symposium will combine results from the increasing wealth of in situ, remote sensing and modeling developments at the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) in order to focus on processes at the outer planets that have analogues with each other and with processes at the Earth.