Convenor: Mikhail Sitnov (USA)
Co-convenor: Daniel J. Gershman (USA)

Magnetic reconnection is one of the most fundamental mechanisms of the transformation of magnetic energy into particle energy. It is responsible for many explosive phenomena in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas, but the terrestrial magnetosphere is one of the best natural laboratories for its in situ investigation. The wealth of observations of reconnection-associated processes in the magnetosphere and recent advances in theory and high-performance computing make studies of this topic particularly compelling and timely. This symposium covers a broad range of phenomena associated with magnetospheric reconnection with a special focus on recent multi-probe observations by the Cluster II, THEMIS, Van Allen Probes, and MMS missions.  Recent progress in theory and simulations of reconnection will also be discussed.

Specific topics include: magnetopause and magnetotail reconnection; thin current sheets; electron and ion diffusion layers; plasmoids, flux ropes and dipolarization fronts; associated non-reconnection plasma waves, including buoyancy and flapping motions; particle acceleration and heating; MHD, Hall-MHD and kinetic regimes; MHD, hybrid and full-particle simulations.