Convenor: Larisa Trichtchenko (Canada)
Co-Convenors: Chris Balch (UK), Pierre Cilliers (South Africa), Ellen Clarke (UK), Ian Fergusonv(Canada), Ari Viljanen (Finland)  

Modelling and prediction of space weather effects on infrastructure, e.g., geomagnetically induced currents on power systems and pipe-to-soil potentials on pipelines, is well established. This requires information on the spatio-temporal variability and intensity of space weather events, earth resistivity structure, and properties of the technological infrastructure, as well as on the electromagnetic interaction of these components. The session encourages presentations by scientists, engineers, policy makers and other professionals working in Space Weather research and application topics.

We are interested in presentations describing recent advances in the theory, numerical modelling, observations and mitigation of the diverse effects of space weather on infrastructure, as well as in presentations that identify the most important unresolved problems needed to be addressed for the successful mitigation of the SW hazards.