Convenor: John Richardson (USA)
Co-Convenors: Jana Šafránková (Czech Republic), Strauss Du Toit (South Africa)

Solar wind plasma encounters many different obstacles on its way through the heliosphere, from planetary magnetospheres and/or atmospheres to the interstellar medium. A typical feature of the solar wind interaction with obstacles is the creation of boundary layers that facilitate the transport of the solar wind mass and momentum toward the obstacle and enrich the solar wind with energetic particles and heavy elements. The boundary layers at magnetized bodies are generally understood due to numerous spacecraft orbiting the Earth but the boundary layers at non-magnetized bodies are still a puzzle. The present and past missions to other planets, their moons and comets, large fleet of spacecraft in the near-Earth space as well as the Voyager observations of the heliopause provide an excellent opportunity to enhance our understanding of boundary layers under different conditions.

The symposium will discuss all aspects of the boundary layer formation, plasma transport across these layers and related phenomena like the influence of the boundary processes on geomagnetic activity. Particular attention will be devoted to a possible role of foreshock effects (turbulence, foreshock cavities, hot flow anomalies, energetic particles) on these phenomena and leakage of ionospheric/magnetospheric particles into the interplanetary space. In order to put the main topic into a broader context, contributions on boundary layer locations and their responses to changes in upstream conditions as well as comparative studies boundary layers of different origin are welcome