Convenor: Valery M Nakariakov (UK)
Co-Convenors : Yong-Jae Moon (South Korea), Olga Alexandrova (France)

Waves and turbulence in the solar corona and solar wind are a critical topic on both theoretical and observational grounds. Remote-sensing observations have recently revealed magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves in the solar corona. Meanwhile, sophisticated numerical MHD simulations become available that shed light on how these waves are generated and dissipated, as well as the possible role of kinetic effects. Solar wind turbulence in interplanetary space remains a hot topic, with remarkable observational and theoretical progresses in terms of wave-vector anisotropy, nature of turbulence at kinetic scales, intermittent heating, and so on. Solar wind models are also improved to incorporate important effects of wave and turbulence. In this symposium, we solicit contributions on both the observational analysis and theoretical modelling of waves and turbulence in the solar corona and wind. We look forward to get a comprehensive overview of what we have known about waves and turbulence in this context, and discuss recent results and anticipated future breakthroughs.