Convenor: Ute Weckmann (Germany)
Co-Convenors: Moctar Doucouré (South Africa), Erwan Thebault (France)

This symposium is focused on a broad range of electromagnetic and geomagnetic studies throughout the entire African continent to enhance our understanding of geodynamic processes underlying the continental architecture.

The related tectonic processes span Archean to recent times and include continental formation, collision, breakup and rifting. Remnant features of geodynamic activity in Africa are world class geophysical anomalies such as the Beattie or the Bangui Magnetic Anomalies, and elongated high conductivity belts. These regional magnetic and electromagnetic anomalies often exhibit a correlation with other anomalous physical properties. In addition, magnetic and electromagnetic methods play a significant role in the targeting and discovery of mineral and diamond deposits associated with Archean and surrounding Proterozoic structures in Africa.

For this symposium, we particularly invite contributions from magnetotelluric, electromagnetic and geomagnetic investigations on geodynamic targets. Contributions from other disciplines which complement and/or integrate the above toward multidisciplinary interpretation are also invited.