Convenor: Gad El-Qady (Egypt)
Co-Convenor: Mark Everett (USA)

This symposium will host a presentation on the contributions of electromagnetic geophysical methods for near surface applications. The electromagnetic technique is one of the most powerful tools for imaging the electrical conductivity and structure of the earth. This method is being extensively used for exploration of the near surface for structures of interest related to groundwater, hydrocarbon, geothermal, earthquake hazard, waste characterization, and archaeological studies. The results derived from this method are controlled by the frequency/period of excitation and the resistivity/conductivity of the formations to arrive at well-constrained depth sections and models to guide drilling and/or excavations. On the other hand, developments in the past two decades in instrumentation, data processing, interpretation methodologies (algorithms etc.), and access to powerful computers have enables innovation throughout all aspects of electromagnetic geophysics.

We are pleased to invite researchers to submit abstracts of their studies related to the above topics. Integration of these results with other information (for example, geophysical, geological, geochemical and tectonic) is indeed interesting and encouraged. Contributions to any of the above subjects are particularly welcome.