Convenor: Stephan Thiel (Australia)
Co-Convenor: Alan G. Jones (Canada)

This symposium will attract contributions pertinent to exploration of cratons using geomagnetic techniques. We welcome contributions that characterize cratons across scales from lithospheric mapping to camp size using array and profile data. The session encourages inclusion of other geophysical (e.g. seismic tomography, gravity, magnetics, geoid, heat flow) and geochemical (e.g. xenolith, isotope, geochronology) data to aid interpretation. We encourage submissions that highlight the importance of lithospheric architecture on position and genesis of mineral systems. We seek inferences for mantle and crustal fertility and studies which elucidate the causes of electrical conductors constrained by laboratory studies of mantle and crustal minerals.

It should be of particular interest and relevance to those in southern Africa given the strength of the mining community. Contributions from industry are particularly welcome.