Convenor: Jean-Louis Le Mouël (France)
Co-Convenors: Anatoly Soloviev (Russia), Mioara Mandea (France)   

Geomagnetism is a remarkably successful discipline of the geosciences in our time. A central problem is the understanding of the Earth’s magnetic field, which was originally concerned primarily with orientation tools, mainly at sea. This session will focus on the discoveries and acquisitions in geomagnetism that have taken place throughout history, including modern developments that were made possible by the preceding ones. Our focus will span the period from the founding work of Peregrinus in 1269 to the knowledge accumulated in recent decades. We will also trace the history and appearance of geomagnetism as the first classical geoscience and the pioneering field of geophysics. At the same time, we will define the place of the geomagnetism among other geosciences and clarify their interconnections.

Special focus of the session will be on the key figures, who made great contributions to the study of Geomagnetism, including the year 2017 marking the 240th anniversary of the birth of Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss and Hans Christian Oersted. We will take the opportunity to recall these and other meaningful names. Our session especially welcomes submissions concerned with the historical review of the most significant books, papers, geomagnetic maps and other historical materials that are an essential part of geomagnetic studies.